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Pest Control Needs Can Vary

That’s why we’ve broken things down so you can get just what you’re after.

  • If you need a quote for a commercial business click the button to the right to get a customized quote.

  • For ongoing, never deal with pests again service check out the Kodiak Care Maintenance program.

  • For short term service try a 1, 2, or 4 Shot treatment plan.

  • Lastly if you need specialty services, such as German Roach treatment, Bed Bug eradication, Systemic treatments for plants or trees, Rodent eradication (mice and rats), Rodent exclusion (mice and rats), or Gopher work done, give us a call 307-250-5356, we’ll need to do an onsite assessment of the situation and then give you a customized solution to solve the problem.

Weather Proof Pest Control Service Plans

Our services are designed with the weather in mind, so rain, snow, or shine, we have solutions for all seasons.


While most other companies are just spraying the foundation of your home, we go after the pests where they live by treating the whole outdoor living space. We destroy their homes, so that you can live peacefully in yours. That’s the difference between Kodiak Pest & Lawn, and the “other guys”.

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With a 2 Shot bugs will have no place to hide. It’s the perfect spring cleaning reset.

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In the spring and summer, you’ve got better things to do with your free time than spray for bugs. Our 4 Shot program has got you covered, 4 months of continuous premium pest control.

In the spring and summer, you’ve got better things to do with your free time than spray for bugs. Our 4 Shot program has got you covered, 4 months of continuous premium pest control.

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Kodiak Care Pest Control Maintenance

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Kodiak Care is our tried and true method of keeping pests out of your house, and out of your yard. We take a proactive approach to pest control by focusing on targeting pests where they live instead of fighting them off at your door step. So with our Kodiak Care system you can expect full property coverage. We spray every potential harborage site from the foundation of your home to the edge of your outdoor living space. Including cracks and crevices of concrete, yard barriers, ornamental planters, shrubs, bases of trees, play sets, sheds, and then we put a wide band barrier around the perimeter of your outdoor living space. For added protection we spray all of the main entry points of your home to keep pests out, including up 12-36” from the base of your home (depending on the surface of your exterior walls), around door frames, weep holes of windows and sliding glass doors, eaves, and the corners of walls. So whether pests try to invade your home either from above or below or blow in on the wind from the side, we’ve got you covered. In rainy weather we use specially formulated water activated granules to accomplish the same level of control as with our liquid chemical mixtures. In the winter months we apply a children and pet friendly micro-encapsulated barrier on the inside baseboards and window sills to prevent bugs from overwintering in the warm comforts of your home. Kodiak Care is not only consistent, excellent pest control, it is weather proof pest control.

Kodiak Care will control ants, spiders, crickets, nesting wasps, pillbugs, and just about anything else with 6 or more legs that would have the audacity to crawl into your home.

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This pest control plan can be ordered on a bi-monthly or monthly frequency plan, and has an initial service term of 12 months, but will continue on a service to service basis there after as it is intended as an indefinite solution to your pest control needs. Pesticides generally breakdown completely after 40-60 days, but they begin deteriorating slowly from the time they are applied. So you typically have enough overlap to keep the bugs out, but if they come back prematurely in between visits, we’ll come back and hit them again for free.

Get the best value in the land with our Kodiak Care Pest Control program. For a limited time only get your 1st service for $49.

2 Shot

 The 2 Shot is the ultimate solution for folks looking for a short term professional service. Whether you’re a “do it yourselfer” looking to get a seasonal head start on things, or looking for a reset, or someone just moving in or out looking to get the bugs cleaned out, without a long term commitment, the 2 shot is the right option for you. 

The service areas are the same as the Kodiak Care Maintenance, it just happens in 2 services rendered approximately one month apart, with the same 30 day warranty.

Why 2 services instead of just one? That is an excellent question, and we have an equally excellent answer for it. We do two services about a month a part when we start any kind of pest control program because this process allows us to break the life cycle of any kind of arthropod. Pesticides don’t generally affect eggs, so while the first service will kill bugs that have hatched and begun to mature, the unhatched bugs will remain safe and sound. When they hatch a few weeks later we’ll be around in time to snuff them out before they can mature enough to produce a new generation of peace destroying little monsters.

4 Shot

Looking to relax through the spring or summer weekends? Think spraying bugs is for the birds, or in our case the bears? Well on that second account we totally agree. That’s why we came up with the 4 Shot. It’s the perfect solution for someone interested in getting the summer bugs dealt with, with out signing up for a long term plan (although when it’s over you might like enough to do just that).

The 4 Shot pest control program is rendered in 4 successive services approximately each a month apart at our Pro Care standards and includes the same 30 day warranty on the last treatment.

1 Shot

 The 1 Shot is just as it sounds, a one time service. Honestly we will rarely recommend this as it is essentially a band aid, because it doesn’t break the egg cycle, but it will completely neutralize anything crawling around at the time of the service. People consistently request a one time service, and so we deliver at our Kodiak Care standards, but with no warranty. Sorry, you gotta break the life cycle for one of those.

Specialty Treatments

Systemic Treatments

You might be asking yourself “what are systemic treatments?” Well the best way I can explain this, is that it’s like flea medicine for plants and trees, except instead of preventing fleas is prevents aphids and other tree sucking/boring bugs.

What are the benefits of systemic treatments? Well it protects your ornamental plants from diseases carried by insects and improves the overall health of the plant by keeping it pest free. We apply pesticides to the root zone of the plant/tree via drench method or root injection, the plant takes it into it’s system and kills just about any pest that tries to suck it’s sap or bore into it. Systemic generally last up to a year, but they must be applied when the plant or trees first start taking up water (usually March thru May), for best results. They are most commonly used on roses, in residential settings but can be used on a myriad of plants and trees for many kinds of pests. Give us a call for more info 307-250-5356