Lawn Care Service and Core Lawn Aeration

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Weed Control

No one likes pulling weeds. Not many people like spending their Saturday mornings going down to the hardware store, picking up a bottle of weed killer, going back home, suiting up, and hunting down weeds and trying not to kill the grass the weeds are hiding in. All the while praying the stuff doesn’t give you cancer.

When you sign up for our Lawn Care program you can kiss those lost Saturday mornings good bye. We use top of the line Pre-emergents in the early spring to get ahead start on the weeds and lawn safe post emergents to knock out anything new the wind blows in. Whether you need it monthly or bi-monthly you can be sure we’ll keep the weeds from choking out your grass.

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Lawn Fertilization

Your lawn needs more than just water and sunlight to be at it’s best. It needs good food, just like you or I. With our Lawn Care you’ll also enjoy the benefits of lawn fertilization. As the season’s change your lawn’s nutritional needs change, and we know just what it wants. This is the the second half of our Lawn Care program.


Core lawn aeration

Aeration is to your lawn what tilling is to your garden. It de-compacts the soil and allows for more oxygen and vital nutrients to get into the lawn’s root zone. You won’t see overnight results, but if you couple our Lawn Care program with a bi-annual aeration schedule, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. And when you factor the cost of renting a unit, and the time investment of hauling it, figuring out how to run it, trying not to destroy your sprinklers, or flower beds and then taking the thing back, hiring us for about same amount of coin, is a no brainer.