Why Kodiak?

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Kodiak Pest & Lawn is a family owned and operated, independent business serving the Big Horn Basin with premium pest control and lawn care services. At Kodiak we are dedicated to providing consistent and excellent professional pest and lawn services and seeing to it that our customers gain true value from hiring us. My name is Jacob Haslem, and when I speak of “we” and “us” I’m referring to myself, and my wife, Whitney. I grew up here in the Big Horn Basin (Greybull specifically). I think that’s important, because I know this land and I love it. I want to take care of it and the people that live here. As the President and Owner/Operator of the company I can promise you that when you hire us to do pest control, lawn care, or both we will treat your property like it’s our own. We don’t have a bunch of different service level packages or plans because we choose to just do the very best job we can at whatever property we’re hired at. In my experience that’s when you get the very best value from a service, when you find someone that holds themselves to a high standard of work and fulfills that service for a fair price. I have been in this industry since 2001 working in California and Utah, and have developed a reputation for delivering outstanding services. You can still check out reviews for the company I recently sold in Utah, where there are over 100 other competing businesses in the area. Click here to see reviews of my past work. Now I’m here to stay and looking forward to doing the same thing here.

I use state of the art technology to keep things organized for us and convenient for our customers. I use top of the line equipment and chemicals to ensure consistency and effectiveness in each service. I pair those things with my extensive knowledge of pests and we gain a winning formula for success. At Kodiak we work hard. We don’t cut corners. We do it right, the first time, and every time. If I’m speaking your kind of language, then we’re the company for you! Give us a call, we’ll keep you pest free and your lawn green- 307-250-5356.

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Jacob Haslem


Hi there, I guess you’re interested in learning a little more about me. That literary masterwork above has you craving more huh?

Well, I grew up in Greybull from the time I was 5 years old. I graduated from Greybull High School in 2002 with a solid honor roll academic history (thanks in large part to a Arts, and PE heavy curriculum), but from the summer of my Junior year I knew I wanted to do pest control as a profession. It was that year that I got my first taste of door to door sales for pest control. I always had a deep interest in bugs and animals and had become somewhat of an amateur exterminator on our 4 acre property growing up (working mainly with firecrackers, gasoline, and matches back then), selling the service came naturally to me. After a short successful selling summer I was hooked.

After a few more summers of selling pest control, serving a mission for my church, meeting my wife and then putting her through college, I started working full time for Josh’s California based company Insect IQ Pest Control in 2010. There I learned every facet of the general pest control business and gained a mountain of experience. At the end of 2016 I moved to southern Utah and started ActivePro Pest Control. I moved to southern Utah to get out of California, and to be closer to my parents who still live down there. I had great success with ActivePro, and created an excellent business foundation with loyal customers in one of the fastest growing communities in the country. ActivePro had tremendous growth potential and giving that up might have seemed like a very silly thing to do to a lot of people looking in from the outside. But to me, in the end, it just wasn’t Wyoming.

Wyoming is my home. I learned how to work hard here. My first job was washing dishes at Lisa’s restaurant in Greybull when I was 12. My most valuable paid work lessons came from working with Lance Cheathem for his construction company. Lance taught me how to really deliver professional level work, on time, on budget, and as or better than expected. I owe a lot of my work standards to Lance. I learned the value of never giving up, playing Football for Greybull High where we didn’t win a single varsity game until my senior year, and broke a losing streak over 5 seasons long. Most of all I learned my work ethic from my parents, who always work tirelessly until a job is done to its fullest. My, Dad who is a perfectionist to the core, especially taught me hard, quality work. When he does something it must be absolutely flawlessly, regardless of time or expense . While I don’t feel I measure quite up to his level of perfectionism, I surely do the very best I can with what I’m given, and I am not satisfied until the job is done right. Beyond work I learned friendship, and community here, and how people ought to treat one another. Wyoming has been calling me home for a long time. My past experiences have given me the resources and tools to do what I love in the place I’ve wanted to raise my family. With a wonderful wife and 3 little kids and another on the way to take care of, you can bet we’re going to do this right. I’m so excited to be home.

Whitney Haslem

Volunteer Secretary Extraordinaire

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Whitney, is the other (better) half of Kodiak Pest & Lawn. She’ll probably be the one to answer your calls, texts and emails. She also helps keep the office organized and the schedules tidy. She’s great at what she does for Kodiak, but she’s an even better mom.

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